Past Events

February 22, 2024 The Magic of Avoiding Financial Fraud
Moderated by TBD
February 8, 2024 Magic of Fighting Fraud.
John Tonsick, CPA, CFE
January 25, 2024 Unpacking Relevant Tax Changes
Moderated by Patricia Harik
January 11, 2024 Relevant Tax Changes.
Andy Katzenstein and Cary Robbins
December 14, 2023 You Can't Take it With You. Making Sure Intellectual Property Survives
Marc Hankin
November 9, 2023 New Medi-CAL Criteria
Fay Blix
October 27, 2023 Happy Hour at Brews Hall - Torrance
October 26, 2023 Keeping it Safe - Continued...
Moderated by Kevin Klenk
October 12, 2023 Keeping it Safe: Your Business, Your Clients' Data, and You
Mark Mina
September 28, 2023 Real Life Mediation Tales…
Moderated by Michael Goergen
September 14, 2023 Probate Mediations: Traveling Emotional Highways to Resolution
Judge House
June 15, 2023 Annual June Evening Social
May 25, 2023 Topic: Proposition 19 – Digging Deeper into the Proactive Planning Techniques
Moderated by Angela Kleink
May 11, 2023 Proposition 19 Revisited: Proactive Planning Techniques and Practice Pointers
Greg Broege (attending via Zoom)
April 27, 2023 Employment Related Issues (Caregivers)
Lynne Hook
April 13, 2023 Supported Decision Making
Teresa Gorman and Judge Kim Hubbard
March 23, 2023 Who Really Owns That Property?
Samuel M. Ford, Esq.
March 9, 2023 Exploration of Ethics and the Elderly
Cynthia Cox
February 23, 2023 Secure Act 2.0
John Barry
February 9, 2023 Jeopardy!!!
January 26, 2023 Asset Valuations – when and how to use them Valuing and Selling Partnership Interests in Real Estate and Closely Held Companies
Todd Wohl
January 12, 2023 Tax Update
Andy Katzenstein
December 8, 2022 Business Succession Planning
Kira Mastellar (via Zoom)
November 10, 2022 Tumultuous Terrain of the Trustee
Willow McJilton and Adam Streltzer
October 27, 2022 Happy Hour at Rock & Brews
October 13, 2022 Hiring Mary or Marth Poppins: Considerations When Employing Household Caregivers
Dawn Coulson
September 22, 2022 Congnitive Impairment - Bring your War Stories
Round Table Discussion
September 8, 2022 The Cost of Cognitive Impairment: The Impact of Cognition on Financial Decision Making
Michelle McDonald, Phd
June 30, 2022 Let’s Talk about a Paperless Office
Patricia Bell Harik
June 14, 2022 SBEPC Annual Evening Social
May 26, 2022 May 26th Focus Group Meeting
Stewart Darrell
April 14, 2022 April 14th General Breakfast Meeting
Cynthia Waterson
March 18, 2022 March 18th Happy Hour @ The Brews Hall in Torrance
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